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Identify Wordpress performance issues using PHP X-ray

PHP x-ray is a tool available in your 2MHost's web hosting cPanel allows you to deeply analyze website performance and tells you where the bottlenecks are. For example, it can tell you which Wordpress plugin cause website slowness. 

The operation is simple, first start the x-ray trace function, then interact with your website as usual or simply wait until you get some requests (visits) and finally check the easy-to-read report to find out the problems if any.

Here is how to use it in detail:

Before you start, be sure to disable any caching plugin running in your website, once you finished your tracing, you can enable it again.

Click on PHP x-ray app icon in your cPanel.

Start the Tracing process, this will tell x-ray to start monitor and analyze the requests to your website, choose the domain and the URL, to monitor all website actions, set the URL to: /* or limit it some folder like /blog and so on.

Browse your hosted website as usual or wait until it gets some requests, by default x-ray will stop after 20 requests.

Check the requests, its ordered by the slowest first.

Click on a request for a deep analyze, notice that x-ray will tell you exactly how much time consumed by each Wordpress plugin (or module) and the MySQL database queries for the advanced users. You also can download the report as PDF to share it with your website developer.

Last update: Aug 01, 2021 12:28